Simple things that make a big difference

Some ideas that you might want to try in your neighbourhood.

Things we can all do..

  • Smile at someone - not in a weird way but a nice, genuine smile that could then lead to a smile back!

  • Say hello to someone! try it with your neighbours, people at the bus stop, people in town, whilst out for a walk …..

  • Hold the door open for someone - when leaving a shop or public door check who is behind you, wait for them, hold the door! ( try it with a smile and a hello )

  • Be pleasant - next time you are out shopping, paying your bus / tube / train fare, wherever you come across someone doing a job, invest a little conversation in them - something along the lines of "how are you? hope you have a great day! thank you, take care..." - easy but effective!

  • Random Acts of Kindness - practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty! Made popular by Danny Wallace's book Random Acts of Kindness encourage people to do just that! Check out The Kindness Offensive / Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (American) and Danny Wallace's rather cool and funny book (also available in a local bookshop - why not try shopping locally first?)

  • Avoid the road rage - be kind and considerate to other people on the road....Did you know that driving while feeling happy and peaceful reduces your fuel consumption and will save you money! Leave a bigger space between you and the car in front. Be gentle on your accelerator and break pedals.

  • Shop Locally - the big supermarkets are not always the cheapest or the best! For years our ancestors have visited the local butcher, green-grocer, Arkwright's Stores and wonderful emporiums of chocolate and sweets - why not commit to doing the same and help invest into your local community... Have a butchers (get it!) at Hull andHalifax who have both developed Shop Local campaigns... Also try Fairtrade stuff - stuff that is made so the person who spent the time growing it and farming it gets a fair amount of money for it...

  • Donate to Charity Shops - piles of old books, videos, DVD's, clothes that you will never wear again, old nic-nac's - don't throw them away but take them to a local charity shop. Most charity shops can Gift Aid on the money they make on the sale so ask about that and make the charity an extra 28p per £1!

  • Recycle more - many things can be recycled! Postage stamps can be collected and posted to The Leprosy Mission and turned into a cure for someone with leprosy. Mobile phones (not your lates iPhone or Android model but that old thing in the back of that cupboard full of stuff you mean to sort out one day...) and printer cartridges can be donated to charities... What a great idea that loves others and costs you nowt!

  • Clean Up - look around you, plastic bags, burger cartons, squashed bottles, old newspapers - spend half an hour picking up this rubbish ( be careful of stuff like glass, needles, etc though ) and see an area transform before your very eyes!

  • Serve the Servants - just stop and think how we can't function without postmen, refuse collectors, lollypop men and ladies, bus drivers, volunteers, police, fire, ambulance.....wouldn't it be great to say thank you to them every now and again - show them their work is appreciated and we are grateful for all they do! Head out on your own or with friends, family or small group and go out of your way to say thank you or even offer a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers and a thank you card! Its simple but can be really effective and make someone feel loved...

  • If you are into photography why not go and take some photos to show off your neighbourhood or town... share your photo on your community Facebook page and tell the community what you like about your community.

for more aieas on how to get something going in your street go to the Ideas for you to try page.