Crime Prevention

If you want to go to a police station front desk then the nearest is Basildon.

Basildon Police Station

Great Oaks


SS14 1EJ

Tel: 101

they are open every day 9 am to 5 pm

Crime prevention in my street is more than the police walking their beet in the street.

There is a lot of things that can be done ourselves that will make our street less susceptible to crime.

Is your street in the Neighbourhood watch Scheme?

Rogue Traders

Be careful of rogue traders who pretend to be someone from a utilities company for example electricity or gas and who say that they need to check your meter or something so that you let them into your house. Please be careful don't let them out of your sight while they are in your home, check their identity before letting them in, its OK to be suspicious and suspect that they may be not who they say they are. Remember that Genuine people will not be offended by you being careful, I someone is impatient or makes you feel uncomfortable the just don't let them in or ask them to leave, they have no right of entry. if you feel threatened by them and they will not leave, just phone 999

If your door bell goes or you hear a knock at the door and it is unexpected, before you go to the front door, go and lock the back door first, then put the chain on the front door before opening up to a stranger. Its better to be careful than sorry.

If you are not expecting a visitor then be careful and cautious. If you leave a caller on the door step while you go to get your glasses to read their identity then close the door properly first so they can not get in. Genuine people will not be offended by you being careful. Don't let someone pressurise or persuade you into doing something that you would prefer not to do. Don't agree to having work done whatever it is, without time to consider it and get other quotes first. don't sign anything until you are completely satisfied and have given proper time to consider everything and have read all the small print. Pressurised selling is used to get you to agree to something that is not to your best advantage so don't fall for it.

There are also things we can do to make our homes and property safer and more secure. see Safer homes page Click Here

More information can be found at

if you want to report a crime see the details on the contact us page Click Here

Using reasonable force against intruders

You can use reasonable force to protect yourself or others if a crime is taking place inside your home.

This means you can:

protect yourself ‘in the heat of the moment’ - this includes using an object as a weapon

stop an intruder running off - eg tackle them to the ground

get the proper advise from the website "People safe"

You don’t have to wait to be attacked before defending yourself in your home.

However, you could be prosecuted if, for example, you:

carry on attacking the intruder even if you’re no longer in danger

pre-plan a trap for someone - rather than involve the police.

If your action was over the top given the circumstances this could be deemed as ‘grossly disproportionate force.’ Also if you continue to use force when you’re no longer in danger (e.g. kicking or punching someone who is unconscious, or running after them with the intent to cause harm), then you are no longer acting in self-defence. You could face prosecution yourself if it can be proven that your actions were malicious or a calculated act of revenge.